Nissan PlayStation® GT Academy 2016 International Race Camp [DAY 5]

23 October 2016
Nissan PlayStation® GT Academy 2016 International Race Camp [DAY 5]

Day 5 | London

After the long journey back from Pendine Sands last night, the 24 remaining 2016 Nissan PlayStation® GT Academy International Race Camp finalists would be out of the cars and into the unknown on the fifth day of the competition.
Their destination was to be Zippos Circus in London, a popular circus that features acts from the sublime to the ridiculous including magic tricks, acrobatics and some death-defying knife throwing stunts. While it all looked like a lot of fun, the competitors had been brought to the circus for a very valid reason.
After Thursday’s ruthless SAS-style assault course, it was another chance to see the physical fitness and capabilities of the gamers, as well as their reactions and hand-eye coordination, two crucial attributes for any successful racing driver.
They were put through a number of challenges including juggling, acrobatics and a tricky silk scarf climbing task that would test their grip and upper body strength. There was a catch too, the competitor that performed the best in each territory across the disciplines was then asked to stay behind to take part in the circus’ live show in front of an expectant, paying audience in the afternoon!
All in all, the day gave a useful glimpse into the competitors’ physical capabilities and also a bit of respite before the final three days of Race Camp and the crowning of the 2016 champion at Silverstone on Wednesday.
Keishi Ayukai, Australia competitor: “It was nice to do a challenge with a bit less pressure and a bit more informal but still challenging ourselves in different areas. Climbing the silks was the best part and there was a good bit of banter between the Australian boys about who could make it right to the top. Chris (McIvor) and I both got to the top so I think you can call us the winners! All the challenges today had an element of both strength or hand-eye coordination and also adaptability, it was all really relevant and things we can apply to the rest of the competition.”
Lucas Ordonez, Philippines mentor: “Team Philippines have all week had great team players. Today showed me that again and we were also looking today for some good balance, hand-eye coordination and a bit of strength too from the competitors. To be a professional racing driver these things are so important and it’s what we work on in the winter and in pre-season to be at our best when we race. It was useful to assess the team on these things today to see who is likely to progress in motorsport and also to possibly win this competition.”