Nissan PlayStation® GT Academy 2016 International Race Camp [DAY 2]

20 October 2016
Nissan PlayStation® GT Academy 2016 International Race Camp [DAY 2]

Day 2 | Silverstone 

The skies were still pitch black in Northamptonshire as competitors arose from their second night’s sleep on the tour buses for another day of 2016 Nissan PlayStation® GT Academy International Race Camp.

While day one presented purely a test of their driving ability, today would push them across the board with a range of driving, writing and intense fitness challenges designed to see if they have what it takes to progress in the competition. Unfortunately at the end of the day, one competitor from each territory would be eliminated and have to leave Race Camp immediately.

The gamers travelled to the home of British motorsport, Silverstone Circuit, where they would importantly find out this year’s prize for the 2016 GT Academy Champion. There they were greeted by 2011 winner Jann Mardenborough, who announced that the winner of this year’s GT Academy would not only earn a place on Nissan’s comprehensive Driver Development Programme, but race alongside him in the GT Academy Team RJN Nissan 370Z GT4 race car at the 2017 Dubai 24 Hours.

With that tantalising motivation still fresh in their minds, the competitors split into their individual territories where they would undergo medicals, the written and practical parts of their racing driver licence test, Gran Turismo® simulator work and a rigorous obstacle course through the Silverstone Rally woods, designed to push them to their physical limits. For this challenge, the three quickest drivers and three slowest drivers from each territory yesterday were divided into two teams. Showing heart and determination at this stage were more important than ever, with the two teams going head-to-head on the course and one member from the losing team being eliminated from the competition.

The challenge was undoubtedly the standout activity of the day, with competitors running, crawling and climbing through treacherous mud, water and even fire as they desperately fought to keep their place at Race Camp. Fitness and stamina are vital for racing drivers when withstanding high G-Forces and hugely draining endurance races, so the challenge was a perfect indicator to judge if the competitors had the skill and determination levels required.

Unfortunately for six competitors, Day Two would mark the end of their journey with GT Academy. However for the 30 finalists remaining, six days of fierce competition remain to find out who will become the next NISMO athlete and join Jann Mardenborough at the Dubai 24 Hours.

Rob Barff, 2016 Nissan PlayStation GT Academy International Head Judge: “Today was another full on day. While yesterday was purely driving, today we’ve got a mixture of driving and physical activity. The physical activity was particularly tough and for me, it’s also hugely psychological and it’s great to see how focussed the gamers are on the prize. It’s been great to have Jann here to remind them that this is real as five years ago he was stood exactly where they are. The first elimination is always tough as the groups become very close with each other, but as we know there can only be one winner.”

Lorenzo Goicoechea Amieva, Mexico competitor: “The physical test was really, really hard and it took a lot out of us. It was important to improve on the driving after yesterday, make no mistakes and show our mentor and team leader that we’re learning. It’s never good to lose someone from the team but we know there are plenty of challenges to come and it’s important to focus on those.”

Diandra Gautama, Indonesia team judge: “It was hard to say goodbye to one of the team today. It’s such a huge achievement to make it to this stage and that makes it even harder for them emotionally as they’ve come so close to realising their dreams. The assault course was a huge test but to be fit and healthy as a racing driver, as well as a team player, is incredibly important. After seeing them do a range of activities over the past two days as the competition progresses, it was unfortunately time to lose someone.”



Head Judge: Rob Barff


Judge: Katsumasa Chiyo

Chris McIvor


Bradley Packham


Michael Pryor


Steve Danielsen


Oscar Redfearn

Eliminated Day 2

Keishi Ayukai



Judge: Sandy Stuvik

Danuwat Worakitichai


Eakparin Thavornlumlert

Eliminated Day 2

Kanokphan Wathanakitanan


Manuttakon Scherer


Phureepat Poonperm


Ponpon Naraipitak



Judge: Diandra Gautama

Mohammad Faiz Rayyan

Eliminated Day 2

Catra Felder


Raditya Indera Syahieza


Mohammad Pandu W Hartanto


Dwinanto Sukmono


Ricko Boen


North Africa (Algeria, Egypt & Morocco)

Judge: Tamer Bashir

Mohamed Madaci

Eliminated Day 2

Mohamed Wally


Kamel Madaci


Hassan Abulkhasab


Karim Teggar


Oussama Benjelloun



Judge: Ricardo Sanchez

Johnny Guindi Hamui


Lorenzo Goicoechea Amieva


Gonzalo Castro Gutierrez


Enrique Rodriguez Manjarrez


Gabriel Ortiz Vega

Eliminated Day 2

Oscar Jaime Arrambide



Judge: Lucas Ordonez

Quattro Adriano


Jan Millard Lacuna


Kim Jigier Aquino Chong


Mervin John Mallen

Eliminated Day 2

Richard Dean Jose


Elysse Menorca