Nissan PlayStation® GT Academy 2016 International Race Camp [DAY 3]

21 October 2016
Nissan PlayStation® GT Academy 2016 International Race Camp [DAY 3]

Day 3 | Cottesmore

It was another cold and bright October morning in the UK, as competitors awoke for day three of 2016 Nissan PlayStation® GT Academy International Race Camp.

There was an increased sense of tension in the air, after each team was whittled down from six competitors to five yesterday. The pressure would increase even further today too, with a further elimination meaning just 24 gamers will remain in contention for the GT Academy title going into the weekend.
After spending the day at Silverstone yesterday, it was another alternative location for the competitors as they travelled to the Leicestershire village of Cottesmore to take on the classic Gymkhana challenge at an army barracks. The challenge has been a GT Academy classic for years, and it would pit the two slowest drivers from each territory against each other on the specially constructed obstacle course.
To again test their adaptability in different vehicles, they would go head-to-head in the Nissan Juke NISMO RS, a car that the gamers had not yet experienced at Race Camp so far. The high-pressure situation would show both their ability under pressure and if they have the driving skill and mental strength required to become a professional racing car driver.
The races certainly lived up to expectations, with some thrilling neck-and-neck battles leaving the competitors separated by under a second on numerous occasions. However although it may be tough to leave Race Camp in this way, motorsport is all about fine margins and unfortunately it was time for a further six competitors to bid farewell to their time at GT Academy Race Camp.
Rob Barff, 2016 Nissan PlayStation GT Academy International Head Judge: “Five drivers came today, all expecting to race, but the sting in the tail was that only two got to race and they were the bottom two. The prize was to stay in GT Academy and we learned a lot about how the six guys that have survived perform under pressure. The top three that were automatically safe are there to be aimed at, but the fourth placed gamer knows they have to up their game. Any form of elimination can be a real wake-up call and when you’re fighting for survival it’s a horrible situation, and one they know they don’t want to end up in again.”
Elysse Menorca, Philippines competitor (eliminated today): “It’s sad that my time at Race Camp is over but I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved to be the first ever female finalist. The race started well and I was ahead, but I made a small mistake and couldn’t make the time up. I’m not going to stop here though, this has given me a taste for the motorsport world and I’m going to keep trying to make it. It’s weird but the physical challenge was my favourite part, it was really tough as I’m weaker in strength than the others but it was a new experience for me and I really enjoyed pushing myself.”
Katsumasa Chiyo, Australia team judge: “It’s always hard to watch one of your team be eliminated. We have an awesome team that are really close and the level is so high but unfortunately someone had to go. We have some quick drivers and I hope one of them can win, my job is to keep teaching and improving them and hopefully one of them can go to the Dubai 24 Hours.”